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Our Content Growth Process

A simple sprint methodology for driving more traffic, leads, and revenue: : 1.- Audit, 2.- Strategy 3.- Growth

Understand your business & market

Audit Sprint

With the goal of driving business impact, in this sprint we will focus on understanding your business, your customers, your competition and auditing your existing content, tools & performance, so we can create the best growth content strategy for you.
build the foundation

Strategy Sprint

With all the learnings of the audit sprint, we will implement our systems to develop a customer-focused content strategy, and a roadmap that brings growth and aligns with your business goals.

Growth Sprint

Our Revenue-Focused Content Growth Sprint has two pillars:

  • Production of new content that brings traffic and converts
  • Analysing the data for an ongoing optimisation to continue increasing the traffic of our content

Meet the Team

Salvador Ramón

👋 Hi, we are Héctor & Salva. In short, we:

  • 24 years of combined experience building Content+SEO growth engines
  • 16 years of combined experience working for startups in Berlin.
  • Our focus is on long-term impact and building authority in your industry.

We help startups grow sustainably by combining content strategy and SEO, mapping customer journeys, and creating quality touchpoints to drive growth.

We take just a few projects at a time, so we can fully commit to our partners.

Also, we are cool people to work with 🙂

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Héctor Fernández
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